Flexographic Printing

Our flexographic printing process and expertise achieve customization not necessarily achievable with other printing processes. Applications such as pressure-sensitive labels, shrink sleeve labels, flexible packets, multi-ply labels, double-sided printed labels, and more, are delivered from an team with depth of knowledge, experience, and flexibility, and whose skills with color opacity, inline converting options, and production are industry leading. Mimir guarantees you will be satisfied with your printed products.

Printing on Board and Paper Labels

We Specialize in the Printing and folding of high-quality paper board materials like Virgin and recycled paper board up to 24-point, Folding Cartons, End caps, and other miscellaneous packaging.

Paper substrates are generally used for indoor applications, they offer a relatively short lifespan, and can only handle limited exposure to moisture, chemicals, abrasion and extreme temperatures. However, you can add laminates and varnishes as topcoats to make the paper and board much more durable.

We are passionate about designing practical, pleasing solutions to support growing demand for daily convenience while reducing the amount of costly waste burdening our landfills and oceans. By printing on paper board, we help to reduce the amount of costly waste impacting our planet and future generations.

Printing on Film Labels

From Food & Beverage to Health & Beauty

Whether your product will be stored in the refrigerator, freezer, cupboard, shower or sink film labels will hold up. Film labels can stand up to the constant exposure to water and moisture with no running ink or unreadable labels. Condensation, sweating and spilled contents won’t affect the label, so you’ll have a professional-looking label throughout the life of the product. They work great with Fresh fruits and veggies, jams, jellies, honey, sauces, shampoos, soaps, body washes and so much more. Film labels are also oil and chemical resistant making them ideal for lotions, moisturizers, essential oils, and other oil-based products.

Film labels offer:

  • Durability
  • Tear resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Oil resistance
  • Scuff resistance
  • Fade resistance
  • Longer shelf life
  • Better foundation for laminates
  • Smooth application on curved containers

Printing on Film

Our Mission is to help you create something amazing, a product that grabs the attention of your customer from the shelf; with our film-based products we can:

  • Print with both UV and water-based inks with up to 10 colors
  • Print Double sided with various coating applications including high gloss and UV
  • Use Direct to plate technology

Mimir does specialty adhesives, varnishes, and coatings.

Our varnish over printed products seals and protects the ink and the label:

  • Protects against scuffs & abrasions
  • Gives a muted look on upscale products with a matte varnish
  • Gloss varnishes aren’t as shiny as laminates

Our laminates are available in a thin bi-oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) or polyester that’s applied after printing to seal and protect the ink:

  • Ideal for labels that will be exposed to moisture, abrasion & light
  • Highly recommended for products that are packed, shipped or shelved
  • Great for items that face tough environments or that come in contact with chemical

We Provide all our customers with outstanding and ongoing customer service

  • Dedicated customer specialist to manage your day to day business requests
  • Just in time inventory management program
  • Field technical assistants to ensure manufacturing compatibility
  • Quick turn around on sample request
  • Order confirmation and on time delivery notification
  • Annual customer satisfaction survey and scorecard

Mimir Flexo Printing is superior in providing packaging solutions to the consumer products industry. View examples of our work below.

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