Specialty Converting

We are equipped with the very best that the industry has to offer. Our 16" narrow advanced control convertible platform presses allow us the ability to have modular control that offers a wide range of printing, lamination and die cutting combiniations in line.

Modular Control

  • This allows us to reduce wasteful processes and offer our customers innovation and unique applications while reducing operational costs.
  • Each press has moveable print and die heads that can be movee/removed within minutes and reconfigured to perform a different function.
  • Our web pacing and drive control ensures accurate print registration.

Strong capabilities and years of experience producing folding cartons, lables, film & lids:

  • Both UV and water based inks with up to 10 colors.
  • Double sided printing with various coating applications including high gloss and UV.
  • In line windowing and special barrier laminations.
  • Rotary hot foil stamping and embossing.
  • Direct to plate technology.

We are flexible and have the ability to print on a wide range of substrates that offers our customers the ability to consolidate all their packaging needs with Mimir.

Paper board (virgin and recycled up to 24 point)

Films including Polyester and Polypropylene and other materials.

Pressure sensitive materials.

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